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Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant belongs to the lily family, although it looks more like a cactus. In ancient Egypt Aloe Vera was used for skin care and even in ancient Greece notes were found that described the use for wounds and sores.

Aloe vera juice is rich in vitamins A, C and E and also contains calcium, magnesium and iron, that are important for bone formation and the metabolism is boosted. Because of different amino acids, the oxygen transport in the body is increased and that leads to a strengthening of the immune system.

Our organic aloe vera juice comes directly from Mexico and contains 100% pure juice, which contains no preservatives and has a mild flavor. The upper and lower layers of the aloe plant are shelled by hand, afterwards the transparent gel inside the plant is pressed and filtered , so that liquid can emerged.

This organic aloe vera juice is certified by ABCERT, one of the leading German board of control. The first analysis are already made at the local producers, therefore there is a double control. The production is based on the current ISO 9001 standard.

Our The Aloe Vera juice is a 100% pure juice from Mexico and is bottled in 1000 ml high-quality glass bottles. This juice has been awarded with the EU BIO seal.

Suggestion: a daily dosage of 3 tablespoons (ca. 30 ml) is recommended.

Expiry date: unopened - at least 12 months

Because of direct import, we can offer best quality to favourable prices.



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