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Aronia (Black Chokeberry) - small power fruit

The Aronia or chokeberry plant has its biological origin in North America  and has a long tradition as an ornamental plant that reaches a height of three meters. The dark purple-black Aronia berries - also known as black chokeberries – have a lot of applications: They can be prepared as jam or jelly or can be eaten in fresh or dried form. Even as juice these berries are becoming more and more popular.

Not only its tart taste, but especially because of their bioactive ingredients these berries are valuable. In addition to a high content of vitamin C and vitamin K, the chokeberry also contains flavonoids and folate. A high proportion of potassium and phosphorus is contained in the aronia berry. These natural ingredients are important for a balanced nutrition and are therefore an ideal supplement.

Our Aronia juice is a 100% pure juice from Poland and is bottled in 1000 ml high-quality glass bottles. This juice has been awarded with the EU BIO seal.



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