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Goji - small red power fruit

The goji plant, also known as boxthorn, is a two to four meters tall shrub with bright red fruits, which has its biological origin in Northern China. In traditional Chinese medicine these berries are used for thousands of years as a medical cure.

Goji berries are rich in vitamins B and C and has a high content of minerals and trace elements. This has been proven in several studies.

Additionally it is said that these berries have a cell-protective effect, therefore the Goji berry is also known as "anti-aging fruit." They also contain carotenoids that have a positive effect on the eyes, because the blood circulation of the eyes is boosted.

Goji berries also contain polysaccharides,  that strengthens the immune system and makes the human body more resistant to viruses and infections.

Goji berries available in our store dried and unsulphured in 1000 gr bag, they are the perfect snack or can be enjoyed in cereal, salad or cake. A daily dosage of 30-40 dried Goji berries is recommended.

The taste is Goji berries is sweet.



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