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Pomegranate - pure nature

The pomegranate has its biological origin in west and central Asia. Pomegranate is a red fruit with many seeds, it can be eaten as fruit or can be pressed freshly as juice. For pomegranate juice only the pulp is used. Pomegranates contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, especially high flavonoids that neutralizes aggressive substances in the human body and protect the cells from damage.

The pomegranate lowers cholesterol and helps to reduce blood fat. The juice reduces the absorption of sugar in the intestine and is thus a prevention of high blood sugar levels and diabetes.

Studies show that the hormone substances of pomegranates reduce the risk of prostate cancer. The pomegranate has a positive influence on the medical PSA level of men (specific protein that is produced by the prostate). U.S. studies have verified that the PSA level could be reduced of probands who have already prostate cancer.

Pomegranate juice contains bitter compounds that helps to reduce digestive problems. For this reason, the juice is used in folk medicine for a longer time to strengthen the immune and digestive systems.

Our pomegranate juice is a 100% pure juice from Aserbaidschan and is bottled in 1000 ml high-quality glass bottles. This juice has been awarded with the EU BIO seal and contains no other additives. The fruits of the pomegranate juice are grown biologically. Only ripe fruits are taken for the juice, because they contend more nutrients and enzymes.

Suggestion: a daily dosage of 50 ml is recommended, the juice can be taken undiluted.

Date of expiry: unopened at least 12 months




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