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The fruit pulp of the açaí berry from the Amazon region (Brazil) in North America is a certified organic and fair-trade product.

Many diseases of modern society are caused by unstable oxygen molecules, called free radicals. They affect cell metabolism and cause oxidative stress, which can lead to serious complications. Free radicals also accelerate the aging process.

Açaí berries are rich in naturally occurring antioxidants, the free radicals are tied to the high amount of antioxidants. Since free radicals can also influence the development of cancer , regular consumption may prevent cancer .

Because of the antioxidants that are enclosed in the Açaí berry and the excitation of natural metabolism and cell renewal, açaí berry has become a popular dietary supplement.

The body is detoxified, water deposits dissolve . It makes you feel more powerful. Especially after physical and mental activity, the açaí juice supports the regeneration of the body.



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