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Cranberry - completely healthy and delicious

The cranberry shrub, native to the United States and Canada, is evergreen and spreads out with its creeping branches across the high moor. After a pink-white flower small cranberries arise in the course of the growing season.

The small fruits are to be compared in size with small cherries and shine in a bright red.

Above all, the high content of phytochemicals, the proanthocyanidins (PAC ), making the cranberry so valuable. The PAC are amongth others the red dyes that offer a high antioxidant protection against free radicals. In addition, PAC have besides their cytoprotective effect another positive effects on the human organism: they boost the immune system and stimulate digestion. In addition, these plant compounds also have a positive effect on the blood vessels and support blood dilution. Cranberries contain a PAC variant that acts against pathogens that causes bladder infections.

In certified organic quality this juice is extracted from ripe fruits, which have a high content of nutrients, vitamins and numerous enzymes. Because of the carefully treatment the vital nutrients and enzymes still remain. Pure organic fruit juices without any additives makes the drink a healthy enjoyment.



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